Geoffroy Colson
Geoffroy Colson
esthétique musicale, transculturation, hybridité, analyse du changement, globalisation, composition interculturelle, musicologie creative, ethnomusicologie compositionnelle,
Polynésie Française
Nouvelle Calédonie

PhD en Ethnomusicologie et Composition - Juin 2016

Conservatoire de Musique de Sydney, Université de Sydney, Australie

Sujet de Thèse: 

Compositional Ethnomusicology and the Tahitian Musical Landscape: Towards Meta-Sustainability through Creative Practice Research Informed by Ethnographic Fieldwork

This thesis jointly in ethnomusicology and composition combines an ethnographic and ethnomusicological enquiry with a practice-based artistic research applied to ethnomusicology. The research contends that the creative exploration of musical syntheses represents an effective alternative to processes of cultural revival. It relies on the concept of a sustainability extended to the global cultural environment. It enacts a proactive and cosmopolitanist response to perceptions of out-of-control globalization processes.

The thesis introduces compositional ethnomusicology, an emergent paradigm aiming to contribute to the meta-sustainability of musical tradition, and sets out an ethnographic description of the contemporary Tahitian musical landscape and its dynamics of change, depicting it as a broad, complex system of overlapping fields. Grounded in the related findings, the study delivers substantial artistic research outcomes, including on the one hand a folio of six pieces for small ensembles bridging Tahitian musical heritage with jazz and improvisation, on the other hand an operatic work in Tahitian language.

Journaux à comités de lecture

1. Colson G. 2018 (sous presse). From Pacific resistance to pacific resistance: Expressions of Māʻohi-ness in contemporary Tahitian popular music. MUSICultures special issue: Songs and Singers of Social Protest 44(1).

2. Colson G. 2014. A fresh approach to transculturation in contemporary music in Tahiti. Eras 16(1): 1-22.

Chapitres de livres

1. Colson, G. 2018 (sous presse). Expressions of Māʻohi-ness in contemporary Tahitian popular music. In A. Dillane, M. Power & al. (Eds), Songs of Social Protest: International Perspectives. London: Rowman & Littlefield.

2. Colson, G. 2016. Musical Transculturation at the 11th Festival of Pacific Arts: A creative approach to the sustainability of tradition in Francophone Pacific Islands. In K. Stevenson (Ed), The Festival of Pacific Arts: Celebrating 40 Years of cultural heritage (pp. 142-150). Suva: The University of the South Pacific.

Résultats de recherche non traditionnels

1. Colson, G. 2016. Tales from Tahiti [Digital album]: CDBaby.

2. Colson, G. 2013. ‘Upa‘upa ‘āpī, part I. IRMA, The University of Sydney. 3. Colson, G. 2013. Taʻaroa. IRMA, The University of Sydney.


1. Colson, G. 2017. Collection: Iles du Pacifique (Tahiti). Archives sonores du CNRS - Musée de l'Homme. Base de données d’enregistrements de terrain (Iles Solomon, Tahiti). En cours de traitement.

2. Colson, G. 2016. Compositional ethnomusicology and the Tahitian musical landscape: Towards meta-sustainability through creative practice research informed by ethnographic fieldwork. Thèse de PhD. The University of Sydney.

3. Colson, G. 2011. Tresses, pour piano. Neuilly-sur-Marne : Soldano.

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5. Colson, G. 2008. Te Ouʻa, pour piano. Neuilly-sur-Marne : Soldano. 6. Colson, G. 2000. Voyages [CD]. LZD001 : Association Galapagos.

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